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For just $10 per month, learn what to plant, how to tend, and what to harvest in your own Houston backyard garden.

After serving hundreds of clients in Houston through her company, Rooted Garden, Nicole Burke knows what works and what doesn't in the Houston garden.  

And the secret to it all?  


With your private membership, you'll have exclusive access to Nicole's detailed teaching every single month of the year.  No more guesswork, Googling, or trying to figure it out on your own.  

Nicole gives you all the details and then some! 

Join the growing Houston community and be part of this new group of Houston gardeners.  

Your $10 monthly subscription gives you exclusive access to three detailed videos, each at least 10 minutes in length: 

  • One detailed PLANTING GUIDE VIDEO for the month (no more garden fails)
  • One step by step TENDING GUIDE VIDEO for the month (no more frustration)
  • One inspiring HARVEST GUIDE VIDEO for the month (no more missing the plant in its prime or not knowing how to use it)

You can cancel anytime but we promise you won't want to!

Let's make Houston the Gardening Capital of the US together.  

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