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Kitchen Garden Academy 2021

Kitchen Garden Academy is the most comprehensive program for setting up, planting, and growing your organic kitchen garden.

By the end of the program, you'll have

  • Made the very best informed decision about the location, size, and setup of your kitchen garden
  • Completed the set up of your raised bed kitchen garden like a pro
  • Planned and begun seeds and plants based on your plant preferences discovered through the Academy
  • Planted the perfect layout based on your unique location, seasons, and desires
  • Tended your plants naturally and organically without guesswork or frustration
  • Harvested and enjoyed your kitchen garden through an entire season & excited and prepared for the next

Taught personally by Nicole Johnsey Burke, Owner of Rooted Garden, Inc. and Gardenary, Inc. and author of the breakthrough book, Kitchen Garden Revival, KGA gives you front row access to hours of instruction from one of the leading kitchen gardeners in the industry. 


9 Modules of Kitchen Garden Academy

Introduction: 5 Questions to Answer

Section 1: Required Elements

Section 2: Design & Setup

Section 3: Construction

Section 4: Soil & Water

Section 5: Annual Garden Plan

Section 6: Planting

Section 7: Tending

Section 8: Harvesting

500 Page Course Ebook and Workbook

Audio Downloads for All 45+ lessons

Membership into a Private Facebook Community 

Weekly LIVE classes with Gardenary Coaches beginning January 19, 2021


16 hand designed planting plans (4 for each season)

Salad Garden School Course $97


Herb Garden Guide Course $47


Gardenary guarantees our training 100%. 

Purchase the membership, take the training and if you aren't satisfied that the content, get 100% of your investment back in 30 days.

What People Are Saying:

The Kitchen Garden Academy has given me a chance to cultivate all my ideas and dreams of a garden into organized and easy to manage raised boxes. From the first important 5 questions to building and planting of the raised beds, there were easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Never did I feel alone In this process. I was able to ask questions and have them answered with insight and encouragement. What once seemed unobtainable is now in my backyard for me to grow my heart and soul. One of the best investments for myself I’ve ever made. Thank you, Nicole for giving me all the tools I need in order to build a beautiful garden to grow in.

Sophea Real

I have wanted to create a kitchen garden for years. I’ve bought books but they’ve all been too dense and I’ve mined Pinterest but the information there was overwhelming as well and entirely inconsistent. As a designer, I would get lost in inspiration and drawing up my dreams only to feel completely clueless on how to execute them appropriately. After reading your feature in Southern Living I immediately went online to learn more about your offerings; it was clear that your content was far more approachable than any other resource that I’ve come across. So I pre-ordered your book and signed up for Kitchen Garden Academy! I was initially hesitant about the cost but KGA has been worth every penny. The content is well organized, concise and ultra informative without being overwhelming. It gave me the confidence to finally create the kitchen garden I had been dreaming of for all these years. Setting up my garden has truly been a joy! So much so that I’m even considering including garden design as part of my business offerings.

Michaela Burke

Kitchen Garden Academy gave me the tools and the knowledge and the confidence to embark on my kitchen garden project after about four years of just dreaming about it.

Susanna Milhem

I've tried a handful of times (unsuccessfully) to have a small potted/patio garden over the past several years and never hand very good yield out of what I put into it. Slowing down and going through the planning stages properly is really what made the difference for me. I'm also excited to have a plan for continued planting so my garden will keep producing. We couldn't have known how crazy this year would be when we started this, but I'm glad I have a very local source for fresh, nutrient dense food.

Rachel Haines