Start Your Own Herb Garden this Month with the Herb Garden Guidebook

A complete step by step book that teaches you everything you need to know to set up and successfully grow your own raised bed herb garden for fresh organic herb harvests you can enjoy all year long

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This Book Teaches You Every Single Step to Create an Herb Planter Just Like This

In this step by step guide, you'll learn the secret to successfully growing your own beautiful herb garden, learn how to build your own raised beds and the details on how to plant your herb garden to get the most growth and harvests from every spot. 

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I'm a Little Obsessed with the Garden-So In Love I Wrote a Book About It

Kitchen Garden Revival came out in 2020 and sold out in one day. 

Check it out here and then come back and start growing herbs with me, okay? 



Learning ALL the herbs that you can grow in your garden one by one would take a lifetime.

We've got a simpler way.

In Chapter 1, you'll master the main Herb Plant families and understand the key characteristics and growing needs of each and every one. 

In each video, you'll finally understand: 

  • Plant Understanding- you'll know the key plants included in each and every herb plant family
  • The Dirt-you'll be able to distinguish the soil needs of each plant group
  • What Your Plants Need-you'll now get the water and sunlight needs of each plant group
  • Plant Match-you'll discover which plants will best work for you right now

Growing herbs will suddenly make sense as you get the names of each plant and the details of what each one needs in your herb garden. 

I'm Ready-Where's My Book?
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We start with the plants first, because, well, the plants are the most important. 

But once you fully understand the plants in your herb garden, it's time to actually set up your herb garden.

And you'll learn every step of the herb garden setup process in Chapter 2.

You'll master:

  • the needs for your herb garden or raised bed container
  • the step by step to create the exact steel tub planters (on wheels of course!) 
  • my proven organic soil formula for growing delicious and beautiful herbs all season long

No more Youtube searches or Pinning ideas-you'll find out every step of the setup in this chapter. 

Can't Wait
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 Now that your garden is all set up and you have a clear understanding about all the different herb garden plants, what's next?

Well, planting of course. 

In Chapter Three, we start growing herbs together. You'll learn:

  • Herb Seed Starting 101- how to start herbs from seed (and which ones will do best this way).
  • Plant Shop Like a Pro-what to look for if you're buying herbs at the store. 
  • Herb Garden Planting Plan-plan out your herb garden layout and design,
  • Dig in with Planting Basics-all you need to know how to install, water, and tend your plants.

Is there anything I left out? Umm, I don't think so. 

All the answers to keeping your herb garden growing are right inside Chapter 3. 

Can't Wait-Show Me How to Join
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Growing an Herb Garden is the Best Way to Start Gardening

In the book, High Value Veggies, the first 14 plants that have the highest return on investment in the book are ALL HERBS! 

You won't find a simpler and more productive way to start gardening this year. 

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Best Return for Your Garden Efforts

There's no better way to save money at the grocery and create a garden that grows loads of harvests you can enjoy again and again.

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Better Taste, Better for You

Your garden's herbs will be more flavorful than those from the grocery store because you're getting to enjoy them just seconds after you've cut them. And it's not just the flavor that's better, the nutrition levels are highest when you eat straight from your herb garden too.

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Garden to Table, All Year Round

One of the best things about herbs is they can be used both fresh and dried-this means you can enjoy your garden herbs in every single season, making your herb garden provide garden to table taste year round. 


Want Guidance with Every Step of Your New Herb Garden?

You'll master every single aspect of the herb gardening experience inside the Herb Garden Guidebook. 

From understanding each and every herb plant family to creating a beautiful container or raised bed to tending for your herbs--

You'll know exactly what's needed at each step inside the Herb Garden Guidebook.

Click below to grab yours at a special discounted price and start your herb garden right away. 

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Start Growing All Your Herbs (and Skipping Past The Expensive Grocery Varieties)

You'll get all you need to set up, plant, tend and harvest your own organic herb garden right away. 

Herbs are the very best way to start your own kitchen garden but success can be hard to come by. 

Discover your own green thumb by learning the step by step. 

You're not doing this alone-I'm teaching you!

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Choose Your Herb Gardening Plan Here

If you'd prefer to learn simply by reading, you can grab the Herb Garden Guide Ebook.

Herb Garden Guidebook

$5 (30% Off)


50 Full Color Instructional Pages Where You'll Learn: 

  • A full Understanding of the Key Herb Plants-how they grow, what they need to produce more harvests, and what conditions each plant thrives in
  • Step by Step Instruction to Set up a Steel Herb Planter including a materials list, steps to build the rolling planter, and all that's necessary to set up container gardens for your herbs
  • Clear Details on Soil, Water and Tending using the Gardenary soil recipe, a clear plan for watering, and details on the fertilizing needs of each plant
  • Clear steps to start herbs by seed, transplant or propagation to ensure your growing success
  • Tips for Harvesting Success with each type of herb
  • BONUS: Video Lesson from the Online Course that outlines the main herb families so you get a clear understanding of each plant family and its specific needs
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