You're Growing Your Own Herbs, Right?

The experts have spoken: you'll get the most return on your garden investment when you grow kitchen herbs (re: basil, rosemary, thyme, chives, calendula, parsley and more). Growing herbs is the simplest & most productive entry to kitchen gardening. And I'm teaching you the entire process in my new course.


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Herb Garden Basics

The first module solves the mystery of herb gardening. You'll learn a way to categorize nearly ALL the herbs you'd ever want to grow and then learn the details on growing each one. Watch these six videos and you'll suddenly make sense of all those herb plants lined up at the plant store.

Herb Garden Setup

Want ALL the details on setting up an herb garden? How to construct the container, how to buy and mix your own soil blend, how to plant it out? Each of these details is covered in this module where you'll go from a completely blank slate to a fully planted herb garden after watching each of the videos.  

Herb Garden Growing & Harvests

In the third module, you'll learn how to start your herbs from seed and which herbs do best when begun this way. Then you'll learn the details on propagating herbs (re: FREE plants!), and then how to water and fertilize your herb garden to keep up growing.

In module four, you'll get a close up of lots of the herbs growing inside my own garden and learn tips on harvesting and getting the most out of each and every plant.  

The Herb Garden Guide makes it possible for anyone to start growing their own fresh and delicious herbs right outside their back door. Nicole Burke takes you through every detail from setting up the best herb planter, to blending your own soil mix, to understanding the needs of nearly all the herbs you'll grow in your garden. It's all set up and ready for you to watch and learn the minute you press 'Take the Course'

Learn from a Self-Taught Pro-Me!

Hi! I'm Nicole Burke and growing beautiful gardens with harvests I can bring into the kitchen and eat up right away is kinda my thing.

I founded Rooted Garden, a kitchen garden company that's served hundreds of clients by designing, installing and maintaining beautiful gardens. Gardenary is my garden education company and it's the way I take all I've learned from hundreds of gardens and share it with you.

Over the years, I've learned that growing herbs is the easiest and the most productive way to kitchen garden. And that's why I've created the Herb Garden Guide-a step by step course to help you grow your own delicious and organic herbs (and say goodbye to grocery store packaging) for good. Let's bring back the kitchen garden (and eat delicious herbs) together.

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Learn the step by step to set up a beautiful herb garden, grow the simplest and most productive plants possible that you can harvest again and again, and stop buying herbs from the grocery for good

"I DID IT!!! You guys, I built this planter by myself with only a very little help from #besthusbandever . I have been taking the #herbgardenguide course by Nicole Burke. I watched the first three modules in about 2 days. Spent a morning purchasing the supplies (yesterday) and had it put together and planted in a few hours this morning. My planter sits on a corner of the deck which is raised about 6 ft off the ground so weight was a big issue. I opted for a 4 ft. length x 2 ft. wide x 1 ft. deep. I'm growing chives, oregano, parsley, basil and more. "


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