Transform your passion for gardening into your dream career

Apply now for an invite to my FREE private workshop where I explain the 4-part framework to turn your passion for gardening into your dream career.


I'll show you the step-by-step process my clients have followed to start and grow their garden coaching business in 90 days or less. 

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Here are the results from other Garden Coaches who have followed the framework 

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It guided me to go for my dream job

It guided me on the path to finally go for my dream job. Just two months in, I'm already acquiring clients and a co-operation with a local organic seed company.”

- INES BATTERTON, My Nordic Garden

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My business took off very quickly!

My business took off very quickly, and I have done consultations and installations for kitchen gardens, native plant gardens, and rain gardens.”

- JULLIEN SARVER, Plantae Gardens

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It took my business to the next level!

It was exactly what I was looking for to take my business to the next level. Oh how I wish I had this type of resource when I was just starting out!

- KELLY CROTTY, Kelly's Creations in the Cle 

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It has allowed me to work for myself and to create a nice side income.

Nicole has helped me expand and organize my garden business which has allowed me to work for myself and to create a nice side income for my family.

- COURTNEY JOHNSON, The Kitchen Garten


Does this sound like you?

  • Your love for gardening has given you the itch to help more people grow their food

  • You are known as your friends and family’s “plant person”, but you know you could be helping so much more people

  • You have developed a corporate career, but deep down always wanted to start a business that brought you joy and is more meaningful

  • You already have a garden coaching business but are convinced you need support and processes in place to continue growing.

Now imagine what it would feel like if...

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You could spend your days designing amazing garden spaces and get paid for it. 


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You could get paid for sharing your gardening knowledge and experience with people who are just starting out.

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You could turn your passion for gardening into a meaningful business that supports the lifestyle you want to have.


When your application is accepted you will receive access to the Private Workshop.

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What if I told you there is a step-by-step framework to turn your passion for gardening into a profitable garden coaching business?

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Where You Launch & Scale Your Garden Coaching Business In 12 Weeks (or less)

Garden Coach Society is the ONLY comprehensive business program that caters to the gardening industry. You get lifetime access to the curriculum, community, coaching with Gardenary certified consultants, training, resources, and every how-to you need to launch and scale a successful garden consulting business 


Show up as a world-class entrepreneur
(we work on your mindset, health and energy too)


Here are the results from other Garden Coaches who have followed the framework 

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I’d never thought I could make money off of my gardening knowledge.

"Hearing Nicole talk about the possibilities of garden-based business blew my mind! I’d never thought I could make money off of my gardening knowledge. Suddenly my baby flower business had all kinds of growth potential, and I knew Nicole’s training would set me up for long term success."


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GCS gave me the initial push to start my business.

"GCS gave me the initial push to start my business. Nicole is an amazing mentor and walked us through the nitty-gritty details of not only being a garden coach, but also setting up our business and really putting ourselves out there."

- ANDREA ROSE, Rosebird Gardens

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I gained the confidence to take my passion to the next level.

"I had tried a bunch of careers, but nothing I was excited or passionate about. Nicole gave me the confidence and know-how to take my passion to the next level."

- SOPHIA HASAN, Culinary Gardens

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GCS revitalized my business and gave me the tools I was looking for.

"I was getting busier and busier and just trying to figure out how to grow my business before burning out and not getting the help I needed. Then like magic Garden Coach Society came across my desk and revitalized my ideas, gave me the tools I was looking for and a sense of encouragement to keep going - I can do this."

- LISA MILLER, Eco-Restore


Garden Coach Society is perfect for you if you want to...

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Turn your passion for gardening into an income stream

  • You're not currently working, and you're missing the energy that comes from creating something.
  • You would love to bring some additional income to your family. 
  • It would feel amazing to get paid for sharing something you love, gardening.  



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Shift to a more meaningful career

  • You have slowed down your career or current job, and you're ready to step into a new and meaningful pathway.
  • You already have some business experience, but you want to do something that matters, and that can impact other people's lives.
  • You would love to build a business that gives you the time freedom to enjoy with your loved ones.
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Grow your gardening business

  • You already have a gardening business, but you're struggling to make it profitable.
  • Your business is taxing on your stress and finances. Perhaps you have considered quitting. 
  • You feel stuck and haven't been able to delegate and enjoy the time freedom you want. 



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Fill in this application to apply for Garden Coach Society.

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In case we haven’t met...

Hey there! 

I’m Nicole Burke.

Mom of 4, home gardener, dog lover, and a published author.

Founder of Rooted Garden, Inc. and Gardenary, Inc. - two companies in the garden industry with different business models and services. 

You may have seen me on

Meet some of our successful graduates

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Nothing else compares

“Garden Coach Society opened my eyes to a whole new way of creating an income doing what I love.
I have run another small business for 4 years and have taken other online courses for business and marketing, but none have been as comprehensive as Garden Coach Society. I have even taken things I’ve learned in this course and gone back and made changes in my other (unrelated to gardening) business. It really is that good. Worth the investment!”

- KEELY MASSIE, Appalachian Kitchen Gardens

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Totally worth it!

“I joined the Garden Coach Society in May, and I am stunned by the amount of support, information, and advice that I have found here! 

Nicole goes above and beyond in the support and tools she provides her Garden Coaches. If you are on the fence about investing in this program, go for it! It will totally be worth it.”

- MEGAN WAKEFIELD, Walking Wild Herbs

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Member for life!

“Have you been in a place where you know where you want to go but not sure how to get there? 

That was me. 

I knew I wanted to teach people how to garden and install it for them but did not know how to do it or how to get started. Garden Coach Society has been an amazing introduction into my life and business.”

- NaTasha McDonald, 31 Eden

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Worth every penny I paid

“Garden Coach Society has been a huge blessing. I never realized how much "business" there is to owning a business! It has stretched me, and I'm still stretching. It has pulled me out of my comfort zone. But the program and the support of the Society is more than I could have dreamed. I only wish I knew about it sooner. I had no idea this was a career possibility. It is worth every penny I paid.

- CALLIE MURPHY, Learn to Bloom

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Business success in my first year

“Nicole's extensive tutorials & the practical supportive Facebook group members have been absolutely invaluable in helping me launch a successful business in my first year.

- KALI GILLESPIE, Kitchen Garden Company

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Offering paid consultations and workshops

“GCS has unleashed my inner thrill for marketing. I am currently using these skills to enhance other entrepreneurial avenues in my life. GCS has also helped my network of friends and gardeners grow. Now I am a part of a group of people who are willing to support each other, be a guide and positive influence to each other. I am confidently conducting workshops and consultations to paying customers. Thank you for everything, Nicole and GCS.

- PERNETHYIA HARMON, The Backyard Garden Experience LLC