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Garden Coach Society

Where You Launch & Scale Your Garden Coaching Business In 90 Days (or less)

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“The Garden Coach Society helped me skip so many hurdles in setting up my business. GCS gave me the confidence and tools for my company to gross so much that it paid back my investment in GCS almost 50 times over in just one year, even in a climate that has a true winter!
- Jamie Brennan, Gold Feather Gardens

Ever wish you could turn your love for gardening into...

  • A business that coaches others to create beautiful outdoor spaces or lush green community spaces?
  • A scalable gardening company that you've already established and just need help growing it or move it in a new direction?
  • An additional income stream where you can make an impact &  money all 12 months of the year?

Wondering if ‘garden coaching’ is even a (profitable) thing? 

(BTW...it totally is)

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I’d never thought I could make money off of my gardening knowledge.

"Hearing Nicole talk about the possibilities of garden-based business blew my mind! I’d never thought I could make money off of my gardening knowledge. Suddenly my baby flower business had all kinds of growth potential, and I knew Nicole’s training would set me up for long term success."


Because here’s what you should know...

The U.S. gardening industry is worth $150 Billion in 2021 alone

Here’s the exact breakdown

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$50b in products ➕ $100b in services

Source: National Association of Landscape Professionals

And it’s on a rapid move. Up. (#thanksCovid19)

Which is great news for the industry...

But …here’s the problem and a profitable opportunity  (keep reading)


While the garden industry is blooming booming. 

The average person, down the street in their suburban (or urban) neighborhood, does not know HOW TO garden. 

Because if they did, they wouldn’t have bought into the industry’s false promises such as: 

  • Buying beautiful flowering plants grown on synthetic fertilizer, which are likely to die the minute they get home... 
  • Buying plants for the wrong season (hint: cilantro in the middle of summer)... 
  • Buying "more gardening stuff" they don’t need when they should be trained on how to make the best use of what they already have...

Ultimately resulting in setting up a less-than-optimal garden, experiencing double the setbacks, and calling it quits with the single declaration that’s killed more gardening dreams than the boston ferns:

“I’m not doing this because I don’t have a green thumb.”

Invariably leading to 

(hint: the problem)

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The Garden Industry Gap

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Because what people want NOW more than ever is (besides products and the usual lawn mowing services)….

  • To get started with confidence and bust the “I’m a serial plant killer” myth
  • The training or the know-how to do this on their own or as a family-friendly hobby
  • To work with someone who’s successfully gardening in the same climate and growing season as them
  • To feel a sense of pride and joy that comes from sharing (and showing off) herbs and vegetables grown in their gardens.
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Without reading how-to articles, watching tutorials on YouTube, signing up for DIY gardening projects, or wishing for a magical gardening gene in their bodies.

💡 FUN FACT: According to a recent “Gardening Insights” marketing survey, people spent 42%more time gardening in 2020, and that number is on an increase for the foreseeable future.

Therein lies the opportunity that has the potential to fill this unaddressed gap

(a gap which only YOU can fill, my friend)


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To clients who HAVE the time & willingness but don’t necessarily have the skills or guidance of an expert to help them

And If You Want To Launch & Scale
A Garden Coaching Business In 90 Days ...

You need access to these 4 critical elements for growth

(You get all Four in Garden Coach Society - more about that in a moment)

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Robust Training:

It’s one thing to have a passion for gardening, the skills, or the self-perceived ‘green thumb’ to get started in this industry.

But it’s a whole different skill set, training, and experience to build a business from the ground up, and grow and scale it. 

From getting your legal ducks in a row to hiring, financials, developing your offer suite, and communicating with clients - it’s imperative to have your bases covered. 

And a strong business foundation will set you apart from someone who’s never been on a client site to someone who confidently knows their way around.

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No more free estimates

“You have to get paid for your time. No more free estimates. We're not a landscaping company. That's the big shift I had. I'm a garden consultant and I charge for my time.”


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Imagine a private community populated with other garden coaches building their businesses alongside yours.  

No more doing this alone. Struggling with self-doubt. Or having no one to talk to who simply ‘gets it.’ 

Because here’s the thing... Left alone to your devices, it’s easy to flounder, procrastinate, and ultimately give up on your entrepreneurial dreams.

Being part of a community of like-minded people who’ve got skin in the game (and dirt under their nails), genuinely want to see you succeed, and are there for you when you want to bounce ideas, share successes, and lift your tanking spirits when things don’t work out - is the space you keep coming back to when you need to refuel your ‘go-getter’ tank.


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What I love most about GCS is the leadership and community. I've never been apart of a group of people that are eager to help, pass on knowledge, share experiences and just an over all desire to see each other succeed.” 

- LaTasha Harrell

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Whether it’s questions on design installations, pricing your minimum viable product, or your latest Netflix fix - be rest assured that you can lean on a group of strong mentors for answers. 

Feedback that’s experience-rich and data-backed can get you unstuck within minutes, instead of partying with your (self) doubts in your brain (which never works!)

Case in point: I (Nicole) bring my 6 years of experience, training, and all the lessons rom launching and scaling two multi-six figure businesses - while raising four kids. 

Trust me, I can handle what you’ve got 😊

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You'll have the foundation for a great business

“The weekly meetings with Nicole and seeing all the other coaches and the support during those calls is what I love the most about the program. I also like the layout of setting up the coaching business. When it is followed you’ll have the foundation for a great business.”


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The quickest way to get validation... followed by a “when can we get started?” in the early stages as a garden coach? 

Three words. Third-party validation. 

(Or are those two words? IDK - I’m a gardener and coach.)

If a credible source talks about you and your business it opens tightly shut doors with more ease. 

Especially if that credible source features over 100s of certified garden coaches so they can connect with other industry professionals and excited clients. 

And not  just a “graduate from the program, send us a link to your website, and a pretty headshot” kinda deal that collects digital dust in the interwebs and is sadly forgotten. 

But an active platform that’s hit with 50,000 of qualified views on the daily, increasin your chances of getting seen, contacted, and hired in your local area. 

*Time for a humble brag*

I do all of this and more...just ask my students 😊

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In case we haven’t met...

Hey there! 

I’m Nicole Burke.

Mom of 4, home gardener, dog lover, and a published author.

Founder of Rooted Garden, Inc. and Gardenary, Inc. - two companies in the garden industry with different business models and services. 

You may have seen me on

But here’s what lights me up more than anything...

And that is seeing women & men start profitable garden consulting businesses so they can:

  • Support their families doing something they love
  • Create a positive impact in the community, the environment, and the world at large 
  • Inspire confidence in their clients...along the lines of “You sooo don’t need a green thumb to do this” (because you really don’t!)

Just 5 years ago, I was desperate for a mentor in this industry. I flew all the way to California and paid someone $500 to sit with me for an hour and give me advice. The whole trip cost me over $2000, and all I got was an hour's worth of advice. 

I created the Garden Coach Society to offer YOU what I couldn't find myself. 

In fact, I’ve helped more than 500 garden coaches launch a new career, a side hustle, or scale an existing garden business to high revenue levels. 

Meet some of our successful graduates

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Nothing else compares

“Garden Coach Society opened my eyes to a whole new way of creating an income doing what I love.
I have run another small business for 4 years and have taken other online courses for business and marketing, but none have been as comprehensive as Garden Coach Society. I have even taken things I’ve learned in this course and gone back and made changes in my other (unrelated to gardening) business. It really is that good. Worth the investment!”

- KEELY MASSIE, Appalachian Kitchen Gardens

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Totally worth it!

“I joined the Garden Coach Society in May, and I am stunned by the amount of support, information, and advice that I have found here! 

Nicole goes above and beyond in the support and tools she provides her Garden Coaches. If you are on the fence about investing in this program, go for it! It will totally be worth it.”

- MEGAN WAKEFIELD, Walking Wild Herbs

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Member for life!

“Have you been in a place where you know where you want to go but not sure how to get there? 

That was me. 

I knew I wanted to teach people how to garden and install it for them but did not know how to do it or how to get started. Garden Coach Society has been an amazing introduction into my life and business.”

- NaTasha McDonald, 31 Eden

Curious as to what you can accomplish
In 90 Days or less?


You will:


  • Learn how to utilize and maximize the 4 assets to run a successful garden coaching business (good news? They’re free because you already own them).
  • Register your business, name it, and develop your first MVP (minimum viable product) that you’ll begin offering right away in your own community
  • Map out your entire profit plan for the year & break it down into quarterly, monthly, and weekly goals to meet your annual numbers (goodbye overwhelm and the “I don’t know what to sell this week”).
  • Follow a step by step process to market and sell your garden consulting products with confidence and without the sleaze.
  • Get world-class support and mentorship from the Gardenary team during the 12 weeks (and beyond).
  • Build relationships in a private community filled with your peers so you stay motivated, encouraged, and get the support you need to go after your goals.

But more than anything else…you’ll

  • Create a flourishing garden coaching business
  • Launch in the leanest way that isn’t capital intensive (read: $$$)
  • Do good in the world, help the people in your community, and feel a sense of pride
  • Promote your authority status (as a certified garden coach) to millions of potential clients




Where You Launch & Scale Your Garden Coaching Business In 90 Days (or less)

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Garden Coach Society is the ONLY comprehensive business program that caters to the gardening industry. You get lifetime access to the curriculum, community, coaching with Gardenary certified consultants, training, resources, and every how-to you need to launch and scale a successful garden consulting business 


Show up as a world-class entrepreneur
(we work on your mindset, health and energy too)

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Here’s The Exact Training Roadmap

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Before you begin diving into the core modules of the GCS curriculum...

Learn how to maximize the 4 assets (which you already own. Yay!) that’ll make your success as a Garden Coach inevitable.


  • Learn the 3 ways to cultivate and nurture a Garden Coach Mindset so that you know exactly how to overcome biz challenges & stay the entrepreneurial course.
  • Why you should prioritize your health and energy above everything else (including your loved ones) if you want to balance your personal and professional lives.
  • How this simple activity increases your productivity and profitability.
  • Discover the 5 principles of money mindset that’ll help you transform into a value-driven entrepreneur, a clear thinker, and an abundance attractor.
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Limitless possibilities exist in the Garden Coaching Industry to help coaches create strong financial foundations in their business, however...

The riches are in the niches. 

It’s a known fact in the business world that the more specialized and narrower your focus (provided it lights you up), the more likely you are to stand out from a sea of sameness, attract profitable opportunities, and make a difference in your client’s lives. 

In this module, you’ll narrow your business focus and pick your market, level, and specialty so you can develop a specific marketing message instead of a watered-down version.   


  • Choose 1 out of the 3 types of markets you can focus on to acquire clients so that you don’t dilute your marketing efforts (time + money + energy) by going too broad.
  • Discover the 5 types of ‘offer containers’ in which you can deliver your expertise.
  • Pick from 4 different specialties and the broad range of niches within them.
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Get excited because this module’s all about developing products your ideal clients will happily purchase. 

Nothing is scarier than investing time, energy, and money into creating a product, only to find out that you have no takers. 

In this module, you’ll learn the 5P Process for developing products that your clients will fall in love with, saving you sleepless nights and tubs of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Warning: This module contains an excessive usage of P-words. Proceed with caution, peeps. (Oops, I did it again 😉)


  • Create your ideal client avatar. This information is key to successful product development - without which you’ll blunt your sales message & hurt your overall sales.
  • Understand the two major categories of problems your person has, label them, and brainstorm how you’re best positioned to solve them.
  • Map out the steps your client takes from where they are to the final transformation (through your service).
  • Discover the 3-step approach will help you show up as a trustworthy professional so you can exude confidence.
  • Get excited because you’ll bring your product(s) to market. Don’t worry you’ll get plenty of examples so you get an idea of how to apply this to your business.
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In this module, you’ll discover how to think of your garden coaching business beyond the money. You’ll be linking your company’s goals and growth with a high-performing team that’s sold into your mission and wants to support you every step of the way. 

This process works whether you’re a one-person, 10-person, or a 100-person team. 


  • You’ll create your big mission statement that is aspirational and attracts your community to rally around you and your business.
  • Understand what team roles you need to hire for and the responsibilities that must be fulfilled so that it supports your big mission statement.
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MODULE 5 - Setup

Get your most critical business essentials setup and taken care of.

From choosing a name for your company (one of the most challenging things to do, equivalent to naming your firstborn) to getting the legalities of setting up your shop, deciding on what services to offer, and pricing them without feeling stuck... 

This is where it all goes down. 


  • Get your 5 most critical business setup decisions (hint: legal + financial) done and dusted so you can move onto the fun stuff; i.e. making offers and working with clients.
  • Gardenary’s 5C-Level Framework so you can bring in income - even before you’re certified. No more waffling or indecision.
  • Map out your first or multiple products as per the service level you’ve chosen above so you can feature them on your website, making it easy for your clients to hire you.
  • Discover the 3-level pricing framework that helps beginner to advanced garden coaches price their offers and cements their confidence - without feeling scared or letting the “What if they don’t pay?” overcloud their mindset.
  • Map out your entire profit plan for the year & break it down into quarterly, monthly, and weekly goals to meet your annual numbers (goodbye overwhelm and the “I don’t know what to sell this week”)
  • Devise a weekly communication plan so you can build a loyal following (email list and/or social media) that craves to work with you.
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As entrepreneurs, we can easily lose sight of the forest for the trees.

In this module, we’re going to talk about how to lead as a CEO & create a thriving structure for your business. You’ll learn what it takes for sustainable growth, putting systems in place making it easy for you, the CEO to step away from the daily grind, and how to come up with fresh product ideas in your business.  


  • Learn how you can develop standard operating procedures so you can transition away from the day-to-day and step into the leadership role for your company.
  • Discover how to develop your products and move forward in your coaching career. I’ll show you what NOT to do when it comes to naming your price and why offering only ONE type of product does you more harm than good.
  • Learn how you can take your specific area of expertise and plug it into multiple product levels (from beginner to advanced) to make income and impact.
  • How to be productive and protective with your time so you can complete more tasks and feel a deep sense of accomplishment.
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In this module, I’m going to pull back the curtain on my two businesses - Gardenary & The Rooted Garden, and reveal All.The.Secrets. I’ve implemented to create multi 6-figure companies that aren't slowing down anytime soon. 

If you choose to follow the Gardenary Pathway in your own garden coaching business (I’ll show you exactly how to adapt these processes for your own business)  - don’t skip this module!    

  • Elements: You’ll get acquainted with the 5 specific & proven elements we include in our designs offered at The Rooted Garden and Gardenary. How this helps you: When you work for us, you’ll have a deep understanding of these 5 elements so that you can confidently design and offer accurate estimates in virtual client meetings.
  • Promise: Discover the 3 promises that Gardenary makes with every single client to instill faith, confidence, and an “I can do this” attitude. How this helps you: When you work for us, you’ll use these 3 promises with Gardenary’s clients (or you can adapt them). Your ability to deliver on these promises will rapidly establish you as one of the most sought-after garden coaches.
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This module’s all about creating a strong visual storefront, turning on a faucet of potential customers that eventually lead to sales, and strengthening your client relationship skills.   


  • Discover the 4 high-converting elements your website absolutely needs (professional photos and branding aren’t on the list) to attract & retain qualified prospects.
  • Learn the 11 ways of how you can create samples for prospects who’ve demonstrated a slight interest in your services (but haven’t whipped out their credit cards yet)
  • You don’t *need* Facebook/Pinterest/IG/YouTube Ads to be successful, but they sure do put your business growth on steroids. Whether you’re starting with $5/day or $50/week, you’ll learn what you need to do to quickly get started to run profitable ads that increase signs up on your email list or purchases of low-cost products.
  • Make it easy for your prospects to raise their hands and say YES to your offers. You’ll learn exactly how to do that without feeling like you’re a car salesman.
  • Employ stay-in-touch marketing methods so that you’re constantly on top of your prospects' minds.
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You made it! Welcome to the final module in the core curriculum. IN this module, you’ll take a deep dive into the 4 systems of support your company needs to sustain continuous growth and success.

This is not an overnight transformation - it takes time to develop and implement all 4 systems. They are 1) Hiring, 2) Financials, 3) Legal, and 4) Information Technology systems.  


  • Discover my 3-step pathway to hiring in your business
  • The ONE thing you must always do when you’re in task mode (your future contractors & employees will thank you).
  • The 3 questions you should always ask before you hire anyone.
  • What to include in your hiring contracts so you can protect yourself from legal, financial, and employee drama.
  • When to bring in on a manager so you’re not stuck in the weeds managing people instead of playing visionary.
  • How to ensure consistent cash flow so you ALWAYS have money in your bank account.
  • The paperwork you need (or may not need) to stay legally compliant.
  • The role Information technology plays in your business; what to delegate, what to do on your own without losing your mind.
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Has every aspect to make you successful

“Garden Coach Society is an excellent environment to help you form and breathe life into your company. Nicole tends to business structures, content, customer care, marketing, caring for oneself, time management and more - every aspect it takes to be successful, she treats with her special perspective and experience.”

- MEGAN SHAY, Garden Works Florida

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Nicole is dedicated to help you succeed

“Garden Coach Society has been such an amazing resource throughout my business journey.

Nicole’s dedication to helping garden business owners flourish is clear with weekly LIVE calls, constantly providing new material to help grow your business, and business promotion on her platforms.  I'm so grateful to be growing my business within the Garden Coach Society.”

- NICOLE ENDERS, Philadelphia Box Garden

 PLUS! These Bonuses Will Pave Your Path For A Blooming Garden Coaching Business

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Squarespace Success Online Course (Value $2000) included with your GCS tuition

You’re confident with your gardening skills but setting up a website (#allthetech)? Not so much. 

Tech should NEVER be the frustrating bottleneck that stands between you and a smoothly running business. 

So to make sure you’re 120% confident... We’ve got you covered with this complete website template and thorough training from one of our certified Gardenary Consultants (who also happens to be a web designer!)

Create your gorgeous Squarespace website without hiring expensive graphic designers and web developers. 

This 5-module online course provides over-the-shoulder training to create your digital storefront. 

You’ll also learn how to

  • Set up your email service  account for email marketing.
  • Incorporate a calendar booking system on your website ( an online appointment scheduling software) so that potential clients can easily book appointments with you. 
  • Use SEO to boost your Google rankings.
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Design Gardens with Sketchup Course (value $1,000) included with your GCS tuition

Know that you can design a garden space but not sure you want to present a hand drawn sketch you made with your child’s colored pencils? We’ve been there. 

And that’s why we created this 4-module, step-by-step online course so you know exactly how to create beautiful garden designs for your clients in Sketchup. 

Get the over-the-shoulder training to create beautiful raised bed designs for your clients (talk about instant confidence booster). 

You’ll also learn how to do visual styling with the basic operations of Sketchup.

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Garden Photography - BRAND NEW BONUS FOR FALL (value $500) included with your GCS tuition

Join me and Eric Kelley, a world-renowned photographer specializing in wedding and film photography as we teach you how to take amazing photos of yours and your client's gardens. These photos will provide value to your business as you create social media posts, blog posts or course content creation.

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Program Access (value: priceless)

Enjoy lifetime access to the content in Garden Coach Society so you can go through the content at your own pace or refer to it whenever you want.


Lifetime Access to Gardenary Education Library

   *Simply plug & play the content and teach it to your clients!*

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Kitchen Garden Academy 

Want the complete step by step guide to designing, building and growing an organic raised bed garden the Gardenary way?

In this 8-module program, you’ll learn all the details of setting up a kitchen garden including a comprehensive course guide - from planting, tending, and harvesting for every season of the year.

This system isn’t just successful with Rooted Garden clients, but has been proven to work in hundreds of climates around the country. 

As a certified Gardenary consultant, you’re licensed to use the framework inside of KGA in your own business and you’ll confidently guide your clients through this exact process and help them create raised beds in their backyards.

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Salad Garden School:

In this complete four module video course,, you’ll learn all you'll need togrow an organic salad garden and help your clients produce organic greens at least six months out of every year, no matter where you’re gardening.

From creating beautiful raised-bed gardens, learning how to maintain the most important element of the salad garden, to harvesting fresh leafy produce - you’ll know it all. 

In no time, your clients will replace tasteless store-bought lettuce - all thanks to your help.

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Herb Garden Guide:

Consulting a client on how to plant herbs? Need a refresher? 

In this three module video program, you’ll learn the major herb families, how to set up herb raised-bed planters, how to plant, tend, and harvest them. 

As a certified Gardenary consultant, you’re licensed to teach this Herb Garden Guide curriculum to your clients and students in your own hometown.

Your success (and unstoppable momentum) as a Garden Coach is supported from beginning to end with…

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90 Days of Weekly Live Mentoring Sessions:

The Mentor sessions will be available for you to join LIVE and will be saved in your membership area for you to watch or listen to again (and again) at your own convenience. 

The Mentor program is designed so you never feel stuck or stumped with a challenge that comes your way - because challenges definitely do come!

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6 Months of Private Garden Consultant Community Membership:

Surround yourself with other members of the Garden Coach Society who are in the trenches just like you. Get inspired, share wins, make lifelong friends, and access to a sounding board of what worked in my business tell-all stories. 

Need A Recap? 

You got it.

Here’s What You Get Lifetime Access to...

Placeholder Image

Garden Coach Society is the ONLY comprehensive business program that caters to the gardening industry. You get lifetime access to the curriculum, community, coaching with Gardenary certified consultants, training, resources, and every how-to you need to launch and scale a successful garden consulting business 


Show up as a world-class entrepreneur
(we work on your mindset, health, and energy too)

  • No more guesswork.
  • No more giving garden advice for free while dreaming of quitting your day job.
  • No more self-sabotaging doubts, confusion, and overwhelm (even if you have ‘em, you’ll know exactly how to combat such thoughts).
  • No more considering a traditional business education (hint: MBA).

GCS has everything you need to succeed in this industry - whether you’re switching careers, scaling your existing garden business, or adding this specialty to a complementary business.

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Next level gardening

“I've always loved gardening. However, the Garden Coach Society and Nichole helped me take it to the next level. I was able to start a business doing something I loved. More importantly I'm now connected with a whole family of gardeners across the nation who share and support my dream!”

- ALLISON CALVIN, Sowful Harvest Kitchen Gardens

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There is no group like this in the world

“I am honored to be a part of the Garden Coach Society. I dare say there is no other group like this in the world. Nicole has created a place for gardeners to grow themselves and to grow their businesses. Her knowledge, experience and enthusiasm are contagious! She shares so much of herself and her business know-how with us in the Garden Coach Society. I have been a part of the society for two years and I wouldn’t be as successful in my coaching business if it wasn’t for Nicole and the Garden Coach Society Community.

- CRYSTAL JARVIS, Lettuce Grow Something

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Best investment I ever made

Learning directly from Nicole Burke and the Gardenary team has given me the confidence to put all of my creative garden ideas into the world and take them far into the future.”

"Joining the Garden Coach Society has been the best investment I've ever made in myself. Working with culinary professionals, designing commercial spaces, and creating one-of-a-kind gardens for homeowners is a dream come true - and all in less than 12 months."

- ASHLEY IRENE, Heirloom Potager

  Garden Coach Society Is Vested In Your
 Success As An Entrepreneur 

As a certified coach, you have the option to get listed on Gardenary’s business directory
for a small fee of $500/year or $50/month.

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Placeholder Image

We take your listing fee and invest it into advertising dollars  (Google, Facebook, IG) so that interested folks can connect with you and hire you. 

FACT: We’ve invested more than $150,000 hiring ad experts and studying how to create high-quality viral content. 

And that’s not all, your directory membership means you also get the opportunity to ask your questions about business building on monthly live calls PLUS the chance to connect with dozens of other garden coaches in a private Facebook group. 

For an amount that is the average cost for a single raised bed, you get a listing on our platform that is promoted to millions nationwide (and in Canada).

As a Gardenary member, you can:

  • Publish blog posts once per month.
  • Be featured regularly on our social media platforms. 
  • Participate in upcoming marketing opportunities. 
  • Promote your business to a following that is 500k in numbers (and growing).
  • Save Facebook advertising costs (we do it for you)
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One of my best clients found me on the Gardernary Platform

“This year, I had one of the best clients and she found me on the Gardenary platform. She was an ideal client who had started a garden the year before but really wanted to take it to the next level using the Gardenary method. She found me through the Gardenary website and working with her this year has been one of the best experiences for my business.”

- SARAH RUZIC, Tennessee Kitchen Gardens

Together, we can feel a strong sense of pride when we have...

More gardens. Healthy lives. Happy clients. A better planet.


Still worried if it’s the right fit? 

Introducing Our

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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You have a full 30 days to go through the content of Garden Coach Society (or any other training included in your enrollment) and decide if it’s for you. 
But if on day 29 you decide that this isn’t for you, send us an email at [email protected] and we shall refund every cent. No questions asked. We’ll miss you!

Get An Insider’s Look At the Garden Coach Society 

(take the tour of the program)


 Let’s hear it from some of our Garden Coaches

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Worth every penny I paid

“Garden Coach Society has been a huge blessing. I never realized how much "business" there is to owning a business! It has stretched me, and I'm still stretching. It has pulled me out of my comfort zone. But the program and the support of the Society is more than I could have dreamed. I only wish I knew about it sooner. I had no idea this was a career possibility. It is worth every penny I paid.

- CALLIE MURPHY, Learn to Bloom

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Signed up clients 2 months in...

“If it wouldn't have been for GCS, I most likely wouldn't have started my business yet. It showed and guided me on the path to finally go for my dream job. Just two months in, I'm already acquiring clients and a co-operation with a local organic seed company.

- INES BATTERTON, My Nordic Garden

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Business success in my first year

“Nicole's extensive tutorials & the practical supportive Facebook group members have been absolutely invaluable in helping me launch a successful business in my first year.

- KALI GILLESPIE, Kitchen Garden Company

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Offering paid consultations and workshops

“GCS has unleashed my inner thrill for marketing. I am currently using these skills to enhance other entrepreneurial avenues in my life. GCS has also helped my network of friends and gardeners grow. Now I am a part of a group of people who are willing to support each other, be a guide and positive influence to each other. I am confidently conducting workshops and consultations to paying customers. Thank you for everything, Nicole and GCS.

- PERNETHYIA HARMON, The Backyard Garden Experience LLC

Here’s a quick recap of everything you get (with lifetime access) when you enroll in Garden Coach Society 

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“Will this work if I live in a region with a cold climate
or a short growing season?”


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From my garden to yours 

(a final note)

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If you’ve got this far on the page, it’s time to make a decision. 

Here’s what I know for sure... 

Garden Coach Society is unlike any other program out there. 

Trust me, I’ve scanned the landscape (pun intended). 

I’ve built two multi-six-figure companies in this industry ( Rooted Garden Inc. & Gardenary Inc.) without external funding, minimal savings, and zero connections. 

I know what it's like to have passion, enthusiasm, and the willingness to create something of your own. On your own terms...but not without its challenges such as no roadmap, no community, and no mentor to guide you. 

You have dreams. 

Dreams to create a profitable business so you can dictate your own hours. 

Dreams to create, cultivate community, and guide others.

Dreams to do good in the world and make a difference.

And most importantly...

Dreams of using your love of gardening and getting (handsomely) paid for it. 

And if you S T I L L need a loving nudge to be 100% all-in...because you’re worried the numbers won’t add up...I get it.  

So let’s have some fun. I promise this is easy and nothing like your high school trig class. 

Your investment today is $487 (followed by five monthly payments of  $487). 

Or a single payment of $2497. 

Now let’s say you sell your first consult for $500 or 5 consults at $500. 

And you can accomplish this within 30-90 days. 

That’s a positive return on your investment (especially if you opted for the payment plan).

Amazing, right? 

And if entrepreneurship is not your thing but you still love gardening and working with clients, all isn’t lost - you can come work for Gardenary Inc.  as a virtual garden coach. 

As a Gardenary certified consultant, you'll have priority access to work from home and provide Gardenary garden consulting to clients all over the country.


Whatever your dream is, we’re here to help you flourish. 

See you on the other side.

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Garden Coach Society Is Right For You


  • Want to start a new career & like gardening 
  • Want to grow or scale your existing gardening business
  • Want to add garden coaching to your existing business
  • Want to become a garden coach consultant but want to brush up on your gardening skills so you appear confident 
  • Want to do good, love working with people, and contributing to the planet by adding more gardens (Let’s do it together!)

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